Vallsnäs camping is the largest renter of canoes in the area. We have at present approx. 20 aluminium canoes of the make Linders. We are perfectly situated for wonderful canoe trips, either in the lake or in the river Nissan or river Lagan. The area around Lake Unnen and Lake Bolmen offer fantastic scenery with a rich animal and bird life. Overnight stay areas are delightfully situated and include barbeque areas, logs and a chemical toilet.

The 3 most popular trips are;

Bolmen – Unnen – Slättensjöarna.
This is 3-day trip that takes you through four lakes and finishes back at us at Vallsnäs camping. Discover and go ashore on many of Lake Bolmens beautiful small islands. A popular place to visit is the Tira Nature Reserve Islands. Or why not visit the well-known Tiraholms fish company. Here you can either enjoy a nice meal or checkout the local on-site shop.

Upper Lagenleden
This trip, which starts at Vallsnäs camping, takes approx. 4 days. Via the mill Önnekvarn you come to Lake Bolmen. The trip continues south towards Piksborg. The ruins of a medieval castle are here, which in days gone by guarded Lake Bolmens entrance from uninvited guests.

Once there you continue into the beautiful river Bolmsån, where a kilometre long rapid and popular angling area is to be found between the two lakes Kösen and Nöttja. These areas can only be crossed during daytime between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. and only by experienced paddlers. Inexperienced paddlers are advised to avoid the 3-kilometre stretch of rapids and lift the canoe. Canoe trolleys are available to rent. The trip finishes in Traryd but it is possible to continue further, via Markaryd – Laholm all the way to the coast.

Miniture Golf and helicopter rides
For the children
Take a bath at the sand beach
Wood-fired sauna, all year around

Your adventure our pleasure

Extra equipment is available to rent:

Canoe trolley
Extra lifejacket
Plastic packing containers
Storage bags

N.B. We even offer transportation of canoes